MY FRIEND TOBY - graphic novels for animal lovers

Created by Neurobellum Productions

Heartwarming tales by triple-Eisner Award-nominee Gregory Panaccione, plus a library of animal graphic novels benefiting Anti-Cruelty.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Packing to start next week, shipping to follow shortly thereafter!
2 days ago – Wed, Sep 20, 2023 at 04:10:32 PM

Hi everyone!

We hope you have all been doing well this past month since the last update. We're sorry if we've seemed overly silent lately... nothing to worry about, just a lot of stuff to get organized so you can get your items! 

Everything has arrived from the various vendors and is now being collected at the fulfillment warehouse for order prep. We expect everything to be organized there next week so that shipping can (hopefully) begin the following week. Until they have everything checked in and sorted, however, I hesitate to offer any concrete dates that may set expectations...

We should know where we stand next week, however, and we'll be sure to post another update as soon as we do. Rest assured, TOBY is coming soon! 😊

Locking addresses on FRIDAY! Shipping will begin soon!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Aug 16, 2023 at 05:19:12 PM

Hi everyone!

Just a very quick note to let you know that we have decided to LOCK ADDRESSES THIS FRIDAY at 5p PST! I know we said we were doing that on Aug 25, but we decided to do it a week earlier in an effort to start shipping orders a week earlier! 😊

So please make sure your address is up to date by Friday. You will get a 48 hour notification from Backerkit when we initiate that lock, so please watch for it and make sure we have the correct shipping information for you. We will be exporting all of the order data next week to begin processing shipments, so it is important that everything is correct by Monday.

If you need to change your address after Monday, please message us here on Kickstarter and we'll do whatever we can to help you out. Otherwise your stuff will be going to the address currently on file.

Friday is going to be a busy day for us... our current campaign for TEZUCOMI is also ending on Friday! If you haven't checked it out yet, give it some consideration! We've unlocked a bunch of stretch goals with a few more still in reach! (It's a great set of books, regardless!)

Thanks, everyone!

Monday update -- you've got points! Also: TEZUCOMI launches tomorrow!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Jul 31, 2023 at 04:13:13 PM

Happy Monday, everyone!

We hope your week is starting out on a good note. Hopefully, we can add some pep to your step with some news!

Our warehouse is working through their current queue of shipping projects ahead of us, and we're getting our shipping plan together with the hopes of getting your TOBY orders out by the end of this month! (This month being August... I'm already living 24 hours ahead of myself as I type this...) We are planning on locking order addresses around August 25th so that packing can begin that following week.

Yes, that is a few weeks past our shipping target, but with everything in hand, it's just a matter of coordinating things with the warehouse's schedule. In the meantime...

...your Ambassador Points are waiting for you!

If you missed the mention on the campaign page, every pledge includes a number of Ambassador Points equivalent to your final order total (including postage). These are unique reward points that can be collected and redeemed for discounts and rewards on our webstore, and a great way to support Magnetic Press further (while building up a collection of cool books and stuff in the process)!

If you are already a webstore customer and part of the program, just log into your webstore account (which should be under the same email address as your Kickstarter/Backerkit account). You should see those new points added to your balance under the heading "MY FRIEND TOBY Kickstarter Points."

If you don't have an account on our webstore, your points have been tallied, but you will need to complete registration for us to add them. 😊

For a walkthrough of how to register, just follow the steps on our webpage:

You can use points for discount codes, gift cards, and occasionally for exclusive collectible items that you can only get using points! It's definitely a fun program that we'll be building upon very soon!

If you don't see your MONKEY KING points in your account, or if you have any questions about the above, please send us a message here on Kickstarter and we'll get back to you ASAP. Please note that if you haven't completed your Backerkit order, your points have not been awarded yet, so check to make sure your survey and any remaining payments are complete.

And if you're looking to earn MORE points, check out our NEXT BIG CAMPAIGN LAUNCHING TOMORROW...!

Celebrating the works of OSAMU TEZUKA!

TEZUCOMI is a deluxe, two-volume tribute to Osamu Tezuka, widely considered the “Father of Manga and Anime” and described as "the Walt Disney of Japan."

600 pages of extraordinary content by popular contemporary comic book authors from around the world pay tribute to Tezuka’s enormous body of influential work. The stories feature characters from Tezuka’s history, such as Astro Boy, Unico, Black Jack, Big X, Dororo, Songoku, Kimba, and many more.

Contributing artists include Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants), Joe Kelly (Deadpool, X-Men), Juan Diaz Canales (Blacksad), Kenny Ruiz (Team Phoenix), Belen Ortega (The Millennium Saga), Victor Santos (Polar), Mathieu Bablet (Shangri-La), JD Morvan (Naja), Mig (Wakfu), David Lafuente (Ultimate Spider-man), Bertrand Gatignol (The Ogre Gods Saga), LuisNCT (Killadelphia), Elsa Brants (Save me, Pythia), Reno Lemaire (Dreamland), Brice Cossu (FRNCK), Sourya (Talli), and more.

Available in traditional manga-sized tankobon paperback and premium gallery-sized hardcover. We will also have limited-edition slipcase sets of both formats, and even an ultimate "Super-Fan Set" limited to only 250 copies!

Be sure to pledge in the first 48 hours to receive an exclusive, limited edition 2-sided mini-poster by Olivier Vatine and Rian Gonzales for FREE with your pledge!

This is a very special project created in cooperation with Tezuka Productions and we cannot wait to pull back the curtain!

The campaign launches on Kickstarter TOMORROW at 9am PST! Please join us!

Digital Rewards! Swag pix!
2 months ago – Sun, Jul 16, 2023 at 05:23:18 PM

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far! We've been busy not only getting our next excellent Kickstarter project ready for launch in a few weeks, but also getting ready for San Diego Comic-Con this week... We won't have a booth this year (but we will have  "virtual convention booth" open for 6-days with some cool exclusive stuff available!)  We're looking forward to seeing friends we only seem to see once a year, and if we can share some Toby love, even better!

We've been getting the final items in from the manufacturers and its all looking great -- 

SO MANY squeeze balls...!

But not only have all the PHYSICAL items been pouring in, but we also got all of the DIGITAL rewards uploaded and distributed! 🤩

You may have already received an email notification from Backerkit earlier this afternoon, but if not, check your inboxes, or check your Backerkit page directly.

You will find all of the links and instructions in your personal Backerkit page (which you can access at Once logged in, you should see a  big blue button in the middle of the page that says "Get Your Digital Downloads" -- click on that to see your individual links for each item due.

The Add-on books are all hosted by Gumroad -- you will have to follow the (simple) instructions to use your unique codes to download your files from Gumroad for free. 😊 

If you have any trouble or questions about the process, feel free to ask here or in a direct message, we're happy to help!

Since we'll be gone for most of the week, we hope to get your AMBASSADOR REWARD POINTS distributed as soon as we get back the following week. 

Have a great week, everyone! 

A busy summer :)
3 months ago – Thu, Jun 22, 2023 at 09:00:33 AM

Hi everone!

There's not much news to report, but a couple of you have requested an update. 😊 The books are still inbound from the printer, and we expect them in the next 2-3 weeks or so. Port congestion seems pretty clear these days, and customs has been able to things around quickly, but there's always that small chance that the shipping container carrying our books will be randomly selected for inspection, which could add a few days to the journey... Either way, we still think that a late-July shipping window seems comfortable. We'll keep you all posted as we get closer to that date!

We're aiming to get the digital rewards ready for distribution through Backerkit next week, so keep an eye out for that update soon! 😊